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Welcome TO WRFN1025

WRFN1025 is one of the most eclectic radio stations around, and is highly recommended for anyone that seeks a solid balance between great music and excellent chat shows. Based in Northampton UK it’s privately Funded,That basically grants WRFN1025 a license to experiment in whichever ways they like.

Avoiding the generic standards of news updates, weather forecasts, traffic information, etc., WRFN1025 instead leaves everything up to its individual contributors. A sense of humour is necessary for its presenters, as is an inventive and experimental approach to broadcasting. Musical focus ranges from soul, to various forms of rock and metal, to folk and experimental music. The DJs are granted as much freedom as they wish to discuss their selections, making it a consistently highly personal and fascinating listen.
WRFN1025 has been broadcasting since 2013 and it is arguably the biggest inspiration on some of the newer stations it remains among
the best, simply because it has stuck to its guns since its beginnings.




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